Broccoli Extract

With broccoli-sprouts extract and broccoli-pouder.

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PropertiesLactose Free
Propertiesno added sugars

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Broccoli Extract

Broccoli extract is gained from broccoli sprouts, which contain a lot of vital minerals like phytochemical agents. These agents encourage our immune system to create the inhibiting cancer substance I3C (Indol-3-Carbinol). Studies have confirmed that I3C regulates the estrogenic metabolism and stimulates the conversion of estrogens into neural metabolic products.

Another very important ingredient is the antioxidant sulforaphan. It has inhibiting effects, as it lowers a cell’s ability to spread by inhibiting cell division. Other studies show anti-inflammatory effects within our organism, thereby lowering the risk of chronic diseases.


Broccoli-sprouts concentration 250mg, Broccolipouder 150 mg

Encapsulation entirely vegetarian, gluten and lactose free

1 capsule: 400mg – 1 box: 90 capsules


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