Beauty and anti-aging: cream, oil and other products

Women, no matter what age, want a fresh and youthful appearance. Many factors are responsible for these appropriate optics: sleep and relaxation, a healthy diet and the sustainable care of the skin. Nowadays there are many different creams which promise this anti-aging effect with the aid of ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 and many others. But it is often not very clear which substances are involved and what long term effects they could have on your well-being. On the natura sanitas online store you can buy high-quality anti-aging creams, oils and other products that are made from natural ingredients. Discover our beauty products and maintain yourself in a natural way.

Anti-aging cream in high organic quality

Our range includes rose balm with 100% natural ingredients such as organic wild rose oil and organic shea butter that gently takes care of your skin from head to toe. The balm is ideal for sensitive skin and scar care. For smoother and more supple skin as well as relaxed muscles and joints our arnica balm, which also consists of 100% natural ingredients, is the ideal balm for you. For impure skin you can use our organic tea tree intensive cream.

Beauty Products for relaxation

Furthermore, we offer Frankincense cream that supports muscles and joints especially if applied after exercising and also cares for the skin. Your back and neck can relax with our high-quality lavender oil, if slightly warmed just before application it can intensify the effect. With our fast-absorbing Argan hand cream and foot cream you can maintain sensitive skin and supply it with moisture. The pleasantly understated smell of our hand and foot cream is achieved through vanilla and a touch of grapefruit. For the regeneration of muscles and joints, we have a special joint spray for you.

Buying Organic Apricot Kernel Oil: for external and internal use

Our apricot kernel oil serves both internally and externally. The Apricot Kernel Oil has a relaxing effect, which is why it is often used for massages. You can also use it for salads and vegetables.
Check out our shop and discover our variety of anti-aging creams, relaxing oils and sprays as well as other beauty products.

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