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You want to be fitter and more energetic or pursue a particular sporting goal? This is based on a healthy lifestyle, which consists among other things of a balanced diet, avoiding hectic and stress and having an adequate amount of sleep. In particular, the diet plays a very important role in the healthy lifestyle because it supplies the body with the necessary nutrients. natura sanitas offers a wide range of fitness supplements and sports nutritional supplements on the online shop as well as general products for vitality. These products can assist your healthy lifestyle and your athletic goals. For questions, please feel free to contact us - we are always available.

Food supplements for sports, fitness & vitality on the online shop

Each person has individual nutritional needs. Especially with athletes, their needs depend on their training activity and goals. In addition to a balanced diet, supplements can be very useful in this area. Our deep and broad product range includes Organic Cordyceps Capsules and Maca Capsules that can improve the energy metabolism. The performance and endurance can increase, muscle regeneration is also supported. We also offer broccoli extract with valuable nutrients and vitamins, hemp capsules with essential amino acids and pomegranate extract with phenols. Furthermore, you can order Turmeric Plus and Artemisia. Even base powder that can support the acid-base balance, organic colostrum from cows and Ganomix from tropical cat's claw can be found in our store. Just look around and find the health supplements on the online shop that suit to you.

Teas, oils and creams: for your well-being

Being fitter, more vital and more sporty is accompanied by an inner and outer well-being. You can use our teas such as Manayupa Detoxtea, Hercampuri Livertea. You can use our creams and oils for relaxation of neck and back and the revival and maintenance of muscles and joints.
Check out our vitality-, fitness and sports food supplements online store and please don't hesitate to ask us any questions, we are happy to be there for you.

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