Holistic and natural -
the healthy way for a healthy life!

For us, nature is the best medicine and a holistic approach to healing is the best path to health.

We offer many products for a wide range of conditions. All products are made from natural supplements to support a healthy lifestyle.
For increasing the libido we offer organic Cordyceps Capsules and Maca Capsules, among other natural supplements, which have an aphrodisiac effect.

natura sanitas represents wholeness and naturalness. We consider the human being as a whole and see nature as a best source for your wellbeing. A cause-based health concept is the basis of our actions. Our products are made from natural ingredients and are holistically designed to support the needs of each individual.

  In order to achieve a healthy and conscious lifestyle, one also has to include the fitness of both body and mind. A very effective way to achieve both is by having a sports program tailored to the individual needs by an certified trainer who has many years of experience. This therefore ensures that the needs and desires, regarding the individuals physical health, are targeted with fun and joy.

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